This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage. Both Cobh and Belfast will host numerous exhibitions on the great passenger liner, with displays of original photographs, passenger letters and a whole host of other Titanic keepsakes.

In recent years Titanic memorabilia has become a found favourite of collectors. Price tags these days are rarely seen below £100 for even a simple 6×4 postcard.

In 2010, a rare set of first class toilet keys from the RMS Titanic sold for £43,000.







An unique RMS Titanic enquiry profile sold in May 2010 for £220,000. Currently it is the single most valuable piece of Titanic memorabilia ever sold at auction.









Other items which fetched astronomical prices included a letter which was written aboard the Titanic for £56,000 and a photograph of Titanic passenger Rosa Abbott for £35,000.

So although many of us may not have the thousands to spend on ship profiles, photographs or toilet keys, it is well worth the investment to purchase a smaller item such as a postcard, which is still somewhat affordable. The value of the item will only increase and prices will only rise, so now is the perfect opportunity to purchase a unique piece of history.